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“Aratókorsó” – water filter

“Aratókorsó” – water filter

MIO designed by Balázs Tóth is a water filter pitcher that consists of an unglazed terracotta jug and a refillable activated charcoal filter, providing drinking water free of impurities. Thanks to the terracotta material used, the pitcher keeps the water cool by evaporative cooling so no need to store it in the refrigerator. Below 30o C outside temperatures, the cooling effect is about 10o C. In addition the filter and the terracotta sidewalls work together to remove the chemical taste present in most tap water. The activated charcoal can be refilled by the user at home. The concept was created to provide a local response to the global problems caused by the increasing consumption of bottled water all over the world. Drinking bottled water can be a solution for areas where the water supply is contaminated or as temporary water supply for regions struck by disasters. However the majority of consumption happens where it is not reasonable due to the decent quality of tap water, meaning unnecessary waste of resources and excessive production of garbage. By using a reusable bottle instead of drinking PET bottled water, the amount of used energy is decreased by 85%, and the emission is decreased by 79% considering its whole life-cycle. The main inspiration for the project was the Hungarian terracotta water jug called ‘aratókorsó’ which was traditionally created by potters through ages in the country. It was a jug mainly used on the fields by peasants because its ability to keep water cool.

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