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Classical Strains from the Desert to Gresham Palace

Classical Strains from the Desert to Gresham Palace

The story of the two young musician ladies;


Rita and Teréz have performed over a decade from Japan to the Arabian Emirates, played for several sheiks and sheik-as (women from the royal families).  They were surrounded by diamonds and perfumes under golden domes of palaces. Nomads still remain nomads; and since the life has started in the desert and royalties have a relish for spending time in the desert such like they ancestors under the shining stars surrounded by 500 feet sand dunes. The heavy fragrance of shisha, grilled lobster and kebab did not penetrate further than the ridges of the dunes, but melodious classical music traveled trough the arabian desert, which was played by these talented hungarian artists and, than decision has been made…


After so many years of experience and practice Duol’Art Music was established in Hungary in 2015. They have become a part of the local and international society by providing fine contemporary music on Harp & Flute. Beside of several other venues Rita and Teréz played in Gresham Palace for a british couple during they wedding ceremony, for EU politicians on the gala dinner, for asian investors and for kids and charities.


And the story hasn’t finished yet…


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