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DIY – bookshelf made from wine crates

For unexplainable reason I love the wooden wine crates. Of course I do love great wines too, who does not? In the past few years I had the chance to collect a good few crates from well known chateaus. Every box has a history, some of them of more decades…, also a story to tell from where I got them.

Last winter I was about to purchase a bookshelf, but I did not like any of them on the market. I scratched one and calculated the approximate price and all hassle with it. Then one night I woke up with an idea in my head, why can’t I use all those wine crates I already have, I asked myself?

Next day morning I started with the work. After cleaning the crates from the dust and old marks, I bought some basic stuff at the gadgeteer shop, such as; screws, flap-hinges and dowels. The bill was less than 10 Euro.

Including a quick lunch, by early afternoon the bookshelf was ready.

Is it stable? I think statically couldn’t be better and with the help of the flap-hinges I fixed them to the wall. Now it swallows a huge amount of books.

For the large format books I made the structure of the Champagne crates up to the 6l Methuselah size.

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