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Since my early childhood I was experimenting with different techniques and materials to create.

From beadwork through glass-painting, close to my hearth. stayed ribbon embroidery, embroidery, felting, jewellery from polymer clay, sewing, furniture painting.  I still combine, mix and match these techniques.

My baskets made from special weaved cotton rope are all made from natural materials so they are washable, paintable and you can decorate with different techniques yourself.

All of these baskets are unique, simple or ended with knot, but in the same time, they are practical pieces.

Since am considering that the usage and the items these baskets are holding are defining the final shape and outlook, the end user is  my partner in creation.

In my products you can trace my aim towards maintaining traditional elements of our cultural heritage as well as the respect towards the environment.

In my products am  also using recycled materials, and am working to redecorate, reuse, rethink preloved items and/or utilise  old patterns, and forms.