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Logo“Perfect gloves can be only hand-made”


The name Hamerli and the glove-manufacturers in Pécs mean the foundation of glove-manufacturing in Hungary. The glove-makers of the town developed the glove-manufacturing from empiric and practical base onto scholarly and artistic level.  On the track of their achievement Pécs became the ’Capital’ of glove-manufacture. The glove-makers in Pécs improved the master-strokes of processing the abdomen-edge of swine, and they elaborated the technology for manufacture dressing of nappa leather.

After the second world-war also the Pécs Glove-Manufacturing had to unde bear the nationalization: the manufactures were replaced by a big company called Hunor Pécs Glove-Factory. Possessing the tradition and know-hows of long centuries this factory soon became one of the most successful companies in this area, and the high-quality products got famous and popular all over the world.

Following the political change in Hungary, from the factory closed the glove-manufacturing was taken back again by small family workshops which are able to maintain tradition and provide further development in glove-manufacturing.

Thanks to the experience and practice assembled in glove-making the excellent team of craftmens are ready and able to fulfill orders from the most trendy  and luxury brands in the world.