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Ági Turbuk

My passion for textiles evolved in my early childhood. It was at the age of kindergarten when I learnt the basics of sewing and weaving, and I have never ever been able to lose touch with them.

During the training in my first trade I became deeper absorbed in Hungarian folk art, I got familiar with the treasures of motives of the Hungarian tradition costumes in different regions of the country.

At the end of my studies I also got a taste of dress-designing. This was a useful knowledge for me to bring together our folk art heritage and the spirit and taste of our time.

My work has been characterized by this kind of experimenting ever since.

I have realized that by giving new functions to materials, decorations and forms  of the past you can create wonderful harmony. Not just to put old things in new guise but to give quite modern and fresh appearance to our products.

As the years passed a new trend has developed in my style. When working I focus primarily on aesthetics, design and usefulness, and the created products are to express harmonic unity.

Basically, I am an inventor type. I am keen oon finding unusual solutions, I am always looking for potentials trying to get realized which I put in original forms by my creation.

Felt, wool – everybody knows it, has already seen and touched it, and has got some feeling linked with it.

I have set off for a journey in this field, and my purpose is to work with this fantastically old tradition material, and to create products from it, with calming my passion for inventing and making use of qualities of this material.

If you meet my products your are kindly invited to join me in my journey, and it is a great pleasure for me if you can experience my original approach.