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antik-anti-noszvajI am Estonian nationality, smith by profession. In Noszvaj where I live  people regard me as a peculiar person, as an „odd fish”, partly because of my nationality and partly  because  of the craft I pursue. Though I am a man as everybody else.

My aim is just simple: I try to live and enjoy life. I can feel lucky for I was young when the two greatest decisions of my life were made: I found the woman I wanted to live my life with and also the place for our home.

I think it has come off. I live here in Noszvaj with my first (and hopefully last for ever) wife, with our two wonderful blond, blue-eyed daughters. I always have nice home-made meals for lunch, delicious cheeses and wine. In the evenings I bike in the Bükk mountain or walk with my family to our cellar.

I have been pursuing my craft for 20 years. In this web site, my Friend, I want to let you know that the smith craft is much more than just manufacturing fences or shoing horses. My work pieces may fit also in your kitchen. In my view the small accessories and articles for personal use are usually better at representing the „smith-hood” of this simple but worthy craft.

This is my long story in short. I you want to learn more, just come and visit me in Noszvaj and let us have a long talk and a nice dinner of roasted rabbit and a bottle of Blaufrankisch. You will be welcome to my house.


P.s.: I like reading, listening to music, dancing and laughing, I am fond of good meals and wines, my hobbies are flying, biking, moreover I enjoy company of good friends and beautiful women.