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Donum Terrae means the ’present of Earth. Our brand name covers an assortment of  natural creams and  original vinegars hand-made from seed-oils and oil-seeds, beginning with our self-grown pumpkin seed to wild pomegranate.  These products made from best-quality materials can be healthy and savory ingredients in all kitchen where much care is taken of flavory rich food.

Just think of:  Shelled roasted pumpkin seed for companion with friends, dip of pumpkin-seed and sunflower-seed cream for welcome snacks, nut and hazel-nut cream for sandwiches and cakes, thousand-flavour oils for dressings and meat, silky fruit vinegars for salads and refreshing summer cocktails… Every bit-and-drop of Donum Terrae is health and delicacy.

The Donum Terrae products are made in a small manufacture located in Hajdújárás in Vajdaság (former Southland of Hungary). As for the ingredients  we get them possibly from the nearest growing fields, at the best quality. The base material for our high-popular pumpkin-seed cream and pumpkin-seed oil, the pumpkin-seed is grown by our family.