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bio_picture_largeDori studied goldsmithship in Budapest, then attended the famous art school in Italy. While in Budapest she acquired her profession in the most precise way, in Florence she learnt something evenmore important: how to look the world in another way. She claims that the methods she learned there gave her a very strong base to start. Inspired by nature, her products are exceptional and often made with unusual materials such as resin or japanese rice paper. Her pieces are always unique: there’s no two identical, since she works on every single jewellery herself. Her jewelries are made of Silver, though she uses gold sometimes. Her absolute favourite material is Shibuichi, a Japanese Silver alloy that has an extraordinary colour. Flora and fauna are recurring themes in her works, and she uses her childhood memories as an inspiration. Her designs are daring yet feminine, with mind-blowing forms and unusual materials.

In 2010, she was awarded the prestigious ‘Designer of the Year’, which gave her a major press attention: her designs can be seen in fashion magazines and Hungarian campaigns.