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In 2002 I graduated as a porcelain artist at the Academy of Applied Arts, Budapest. After my studies I started working as a designer at the product improvement department in the Porcelain Manufacture of Herend.

My main responsibility was, beyond meeting the customers’ demand, to establish a modern product line, to design a range of forms in Herend style that can approach young people, and also to make them suitable for manufacturing. Around a hundred of such new products can be connected to my name, the most outstanding ones are the following: the Cosier breakfast set, one of the most successes at AMBIENTE Frankfurt in 2014, also a participant at the Hungarian Designer Price. Or the Pearly Set which was shown in several magazines in Hungary, and it was exhibited at TENT professional exhibition in London for the first time.

In March this year I left the Manufacture of Herend, and founded a private workshop under the name Ecce Home. I think now I have greater chance for experimenting, and can work with greater variety of materials and technologies. I manufacture decoration and consumer articles from mould mass coloured in material and press mass, further I design and manufacture spectacle elements of lighting technics for architecture projects.

I enjoy participating in presentations and workshops. The multiplying devices of my articles for such presentations are small enough to demonstrate the manufacturing on the spot (cups and mugs, made from coloured masses as well, with various handles, pressing Noah’s Ark animals figures). Presentations can be made in an interactive way, involving visitors interested. I can perform the whole porcelain manufacturing technology up to the raw manufacturing, including all the phases of production, with maximal precision

Main Group Exhibitions: 2003 – “A long table with 150 years of Herend sets of a ” – Ernst Museum, Budapest 2006 – Dialogue Herend – Meissen Porcelain Manufactory Joint Exhibition – Hungarian National Gallery , Budapest 2006 – ” The future of Herend, Herend of the Future ” – Porcelain Museum of Herend 2007 – International Ceramics Biennial, Pécs 2009 – ” Development and Design” Museum of Applied Arts , Budapest 2010 – Contemporary Artists porcelain Porcelain Manufactory of Hungary 2012 – Herend Design, Museion No.1 . Budapest 2012 – Magical World porcelain , Veszprém , Laczko Dezso Museum 2013 – TENT London 2014 – Planning hub in London  

Solo exhibition : 2013 – Refreshed tradition, Veszprém Castle Gallery 2013 – Balaton , Granary Wine and Events Hall 2014 – Sights and játszni , Székesfehérvár St. Stephen’s Community

House Public space works: Louis Porcelain Wood Veszprém Arena Hands – Balaton roundabout Sculpture Batthyány portrait -Lajoskomárom