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The T-shirt and Textile Printer Workshop INDIGÓ was brought into world in November 2012. It was an easy birth.

As a matter of fact it did not come to world in an usual natural way, after a long period of planning, it was just a sudden heaven-sent. More exactly, one day Roland bought a T-shirt printer-machine, almost just for him himself, and it was an unexpected turning point for us three who worked together in a small workshop in Veszprém. And just for fun, all of us graduated from the Technical University in Budapest: Roland Szűcs architect, Emese Virt and Péter Páczelt civil engineers.

We would like to manufacture T-shirts different from mass products, our T-shirts represent values, they are pretty and unique. We do not want to meet the demand for mass-produced articles and neither want we to cash in on vogues popping up. But we want to create dateless and national values, in favour of a smaller circle of customers but with demand of higher standards.

We also print patterns brought by our clients. In the long run, however, when we manage to fill up our store of graphics, we would like to use only the patterns of our own. Our T-shirts are sold in the shop in Veszprém, on markets and by Hungarian resellers, or they can be ordered on-line as well, with reception by post or in Budapest.

The T-shirts we print on are now selected with great care from foreign whole-trade. Later on, however, we would like to have them sewn in our country, partly because of employment of more Hungarians, on the other hand we would prefer working with cuts and materials designed by us. We also print on used clothes, so we can make quite extra articles, but at lower than extra prices. As for our prices we try to keep them reasonably low so that also the lesser wealthy customers can buy them.