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István SzimeiszterIt was in 1988 as I started to deal with archery. Thereafter, at the beginning of the 90s I began to take part in traditional archery competitions where I first met laminated bows. From 1994 I set up manufacturing plywood, laminated bows which I myself also used at traditional competitions. In Hungary I was the first manufacturer of such kind of bows, using this technology. I participated in competitions with bows made by myself and for  15 years I won several Hungarian championships, and international ones as well. It is already since years that I have not entered for any competitions. In the meantime, however, I have been trying to give over my long-year experience to archers who want to achieve good results.

The bows are made for individual demands. Everybody gets in hand the bow that is specially made for his/her requirements, e.g. length of the bow, length and strength of tensing. As a matter of course, also the arrows are made specially for the bows what greatly helps the accuracy of the shot.