Glass Factory 1930In 1708, 305 years ago, II. Rákoczi Ferenc in the neighboring village created the first glass factory in Parádóhuta. From the beginning this factory ran the heating by burning wood. Once the forests started to clear up and have less trees to be able to use for the heating, they moved the factory to areas where there was more wood for they’re use, until they have finally settled down in this town Parádsasvár. It has run here for almost 300 years until its closing in 2005. The reason for the closing of the factory has it own story behind it, although today the factory still has its history and is know by almost everyone in the surrounding area, as today this factory stands in rubbles.

In 1973 two individuals from the glass-making industry, Tibor Házi and György Rénes planned and created this manufacture, where they experimented and wouldn’t have thought that it would become the Parád glassmaking tradition. Back then, you couldn’t even imagine Parádsasvár as it is now, without the well known Parád glassmaking. Int he area, there was and is no family that wouldn’t bind for glass. Glass here always meant safety, since it kept many jobs for family members which had brought the income of the workers home for their families.

The two artists sadly didn’t make it for the day when they’re dream had become true, running for many years, giving people jobs, and the town a better name. The real huta (stow) building grew to more than twice its size, and more changes were made, like the oil heating which was planned in the 70s, today is well used, environmental friendly, and lastly, we use a quiet performing electrical heating and cooling furnace. Tradition, renewing and the most common 21st. centuries technology. What really matters is that thanks to the glassblowing masters work, this factory is now here today up and running making glass. The knowledge and the value was not lost. Here stands behind us, the 305 year old noble inheritance. And its safe to say, that the people that have ever seen this factory running, would support it without a doubt. We hope that we have many more successful years to come in the future for our factory.