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My wife, Marianna learnt the craft in the Factory BÉPA in Szentendre. During this time she also worked with different potters because beside the building ceramics she showed interest also in folk pottery.

I myself started my carrier in Sárospatak in a local potter’s workshop, an then I worked in Várdeák Ildikó’s workshop in Budapest where I got familiar with the modern technologies and materials.

We met Marianna in 1976, since then we have been living and working together. In 1978 we established our first common workshop in my parents’ flat in Budapest (first it was in my room, then the pantry, the kitchen, the living room and sometimes the bathroom where we were kneading the clay… my parents were great, tolerant People, gratitude and thanks for ever to Them)!

In 1986 we moved to Szentendre. We have two pretty and clever daughters: Zsófi as a drawing teacher helps us with her taste and knowledge of languages, Boglárka learnt photo-taking, and now she attends a school for ceramic-making. We hope she will take over our workshop.

Marianna was admitted to the Union of Hungarian Artists, in 2007 she became one of the founders of the Association of Ceramic Artists in Szentendre.

Her taste and talent defines the style of our articles. She is a great master of colours and decorations. The basic forms are usually designed by me but the style is created by her.

My task is to establish the technology background, building the high-fire ovens and the servicing. We are good complements to eachother.

In the recent years, our work has been assisted by Gabriella Czellár with her amazing skills of drawing and creativeness, she studied at the Faculty for Grafics of the University for Fine Arts.

With the technology developed by Marianna and Gabi’s cooperation wonderful articles are made. Hopefully our working together will go on for a long time.

We manufacture porcelain and stone articles at high-fire, complete sets of table-ware and accessories suiting them, in practice, everything that can be used in a home.

Great task, we are full of plans, it will take long time we feel bored.

It is a fantastic feeling to receive the plenty of positive feedback from our customers of the past thirty years, they have helped us many times to get over some worst points.

I think that in old times the style of a region was created by the craftsmen and their customers in common.

There was the demand and there came the creativeness and knowledge that managed to meet the demand.

Who knows, maybe the internet is able to replace the broken-up relations? I believe it, and therefore I ask you who happen to meet this webpage, or have already had in hand or used our products: do not hesitate to help u sin our work with your opinion and ideas.