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vis_vitalis_10Vis Vitalis derives from a spring that bubbles up in Ravazd, next to St. Martin’s mountain, near Pannonhalma. The earliest documentation of the fount is from Anonymous who mentioned it in his works around the 1200s.

According to the legend, King Béla IV drank from the spring while escaping from the Tatars so the locals still call it King Béla’s well. The story is also evinced by a certificate from 1238., mentioning the area and its fount.

From the late 1700s, people pilgrimaged regularly to the well as it is believed to have healing powers and to be a place of miracles.

Thousands of tourists and Benedictine monks visited the spring in Ravazd for balneotherapy.
That is how history, sacredness and tradition merge in Vis Vitalis, this pure water with harmonic mineral content.

Vis Vitalis owns a unique taste that gets its character from the specific mix of the local minerals of which the water is flowing through.

As a result of this natural, “mineral” filtering system, with each sip you can experience the “flavor” of millions of years. Its taste and composition makes Vis Vitalis ideal for gastronomical use. It is a perfect choice for any menu, food or drink menu. Due to the nature of this product, neither the still, nor the sparkling water will bother the taste of any dishes or beverages.

The exclusive appearance and quality of Vis Vitalis makes it appropriate even for the highest ranking restaurants.

Aside from the usage of modern and traditional effects, which can be construed as our ars poetica, Vis Vitalis carries the historical and spiritual impressions of centuries.

Born from Benedictine, sacred, secular and historical inspirations, the unique-lined bottle evokes the shape of authentic carafes, water jugs and first generation soda bottles.

Our aim was to design an iconic and emblematic appearance to Vis Vitalis that is worthy to be placed on any table.