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Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.22.35 AMHand Painted fine porcelain with 23 carat platinum.

Antiallergic steel.

Style: Secession

Color: Platinum

Size: 13,5 mm

Product number: 1206




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Accessories designer ZEMART’s unique fine porcelain pieces are handcrafted using pure materials and decorated with 21 carat gold and 23 carat platinum. These sophisticated designs are hand painted according to various themes that combine artistic motifs with styles such as art-deco and art-nouveau.

ZEMART’s collections are dominated by beautiful pastel colours with statement pieces shining in black and gold with cutting edge shapes. The collections are inspired by the baroque era, its tension and exuberance and are complemented with a contemporary twist for modern women who like to wear sophisticated jewellery and stand out from the crowd.

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