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Folqa Outlaw – The Just


Folqua logoOnce upon a time, exiled in the mountains of Bakony, there lived the free men. Call them what you will, justice was their cup of tea. Whenever chance came, they dealt it out to the wealthy as a kind reminder to share their blessings with those less fortunate – a gentle knock on the head with the back of the hatchet would always do the trick.

Size: 8cm

Weight: 300g

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Folqa Collection is a family of folk characters:

Each represent a region, a profession, and one of the many beautiful Hungarian folk motifs. Bring one home to your place as a gift or as a memory, and you will feel the desire to collect the other characters!

Folqa Collection figures not only represent traditions in contemporary design, but inspire and entertain you with their simple messages to modern people, with a special sense of humour only Hungarian countrymen possess. Each Folqa comes with its own collector’s card.

 (Beware: although Folqa figures are tough guys, they will be harmed, if you twist their head or try to disassemble their solid body. Thank you for handling them with care!)

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Weight 0.5 kg


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