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French Lavender Oil


The lavender is a native suffrutex of the Mediterranean. It has been grown in the garden of the Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma since the 18th century without any chemical treatment. Its oil is extracted through steam-distillation. It is popular among the tourists of the abbey for its pleasant scent and its curative power.

How to use the lavender oil

The curative lavender oil provides a pleasant atmosphere of freshness and vitality. It relieves gloominess and depression and restores the balance of soul and mind. For its fragrance it is often used in aroma lamps or evaporators. A few drops in the bath stimulate and relax the body. In case of a cold, the oil is suggested to be inhaled through the nose to clean respiratory tracts and prevent infections. It is also recommended for saunas. Rubbing the oil firmly into rheumatic parts of the body, it alleviates or even ceases the pain. It mitigates the pain caused by mosqutio or other insect bites. Placing it in the wardrobe will give a pleasant fragrance to the clothes and will also repel moths.

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