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The aromatic waters formed during the destillation process contain the herbs’ active substances which are soluble in water and steam. Their structure is different from the structure of essential oils: their fragrance is softer, their effects are milder because they contain less active substances. Usually there is no limitation in their usage; they can be used safely, they can be sprayed directly on the body, on the face or on the hair; or they can be used by moistening a cotton ball. Lawender water with a sweet scent of flowers. Its full, gentle fragrance is deeper than the scent of the lavender oil. It has a calming, cooling effect which can be enjoyed after doing sports or travelling and in the case of weariness and stress. Sprayed in the air, it creates a tranquil, clean and fresh atmosphere in the room. It can be put into the bath water to treat headache, nervousness and children’s anxiety. It can soothe red baby bottom. It has an excellent cooling and calming effect after sunburn. It can be used as face wash and spray to care for all types of skin, especially sensitive, inflamed skin with acne outbreaks. Spraying it onto insect bites and closed injuries, it helps to cool and to heal them. It is an excellent aftershave.

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