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Luminous Hand Blown Green Glass Ball


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Hand blown Lumionus Glass Bowl

Illuminating up to 8hours!

Color: Green

Size: ~ 6cm diameter

Perfect for table, bathroom and christmas tree decoration

Product number: 4116

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The Photoluminescent (fluorescent) dye pigments (Toners) and their products by adding made of light will be exposed to UV content excited state, that is uploaded to and thus recorded and stored energy type, depending through different time periods and different intensity, issued in the form of visible light.

The most effective energy saturation is achieved when the pigment direct sunlight, other household lamp, which make up a large amount of emitted ultraviolet rays. However, 30 minutes is enough to make an ordinary room with a window, under normal daylight conditions, our products take up enough energy to after dark and they are visible for a long time.


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Weight 0.2 kg

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