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Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 1.07.19 PMRed wine vinegar with 7 spices, Balsamum – Balsamic vinegar, Floris – White wine vinegar with levander, Salvia – White wine vinegar with sage.


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During researches in the monastic library, documents from the 16th century have been found. These confirm that wine vinegar for both therapeutic and culinary purposes was produced, and the monks also produced herb vinegar related to their own winery

The Benedictines could choose from various meals that were seasoned with herbs grown in their own garden, such as garlic, onion, parsley, pepper, marjoram, saffron, cumin, ginger, sage and lavender. Vinegar was also an essential part of the meals. It was used for seasoning dishes as well as for marinating and conserving meat.

Now the several hundred year old wine and culinary tradition of the monks of the Archabbey meet the proficiency of Buszesz PLC, a company in Óbuda producing vinegars using advanced technology.

Vinegars produced by biological fermentation are important parts of healthy nutrition. The Benedictine vinegar made from wine retains the essential physiological elements of the fruit, such as amino acids, vitamin B and vital micronutrients.

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