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Vis Vitalis Mineral Water

Vis Vitalis speaks about its consumer: emits sophistication, elegance and purity. The individual harmony of its mineral content enables anyone to consume Vis Vitalis without any risk of health damage. The flavor of Vis Vitalis is refreshingly soft and unforgettable.

The appearance is not only a trademark, but it helps to differentiate Vis Vitalis from other mineral water pro- ducts in gastronomy and hospitality, as the bottles come in 0,4L; 0,6L; 0,8L and 1,2L sizes. Alongside consuming traditions, design and practicality were also taken into consideration when choosing the capacity of 0,6L and 1,2L bottles for retail sale. All Vis Vitalis products arrive in specific, ergonomic paper boxes with perforated surface. It can be easily transported and stored.

For any inquiry kindly contact us: info@hungarycraft.com

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