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The belt bag is ornamented with the dynamism of the spiral. I have chosen a copper handle of spirally form for the zip. You can wear it tied on belt or scarf, tight on waist or loose on hip. One of my customer told that she had been walking with the bag on her waist when somebody approached her asking: “What an exciting thing you are wearing. Is it a jewel?” And she answered: “Yes it is a jewel and a belt bag as well. It is a playful decoration and at the same very useful if you need your hands free.”


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I prepare the bags with water-felt technology then I make the relief with a unique technique. The relief is fixed invisible sewing, it cannot be altered. The lining and the zip are sewed with hand so no sewing can be seen of the surface of the bag.

Cleaning of the bag

Felt articles are cleaned similar to woolen products. Wash the bag with wool detergent in lukewarm water, with pushing it, and rinse it. Press out the water from the bag and adjust to form. Dry it stuffed. You can use carpet cleaner as well according to the instruction if there is leather accessory on it.

Measurement: 14cm wide, 14cm high and 5cm deep.

Product number:1305/3


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Weight 0.5 kg

Grey, Turquoise, Red


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