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Spice Mill – “Paprikum”

Spice Mill – “Paprikum”

When creating Paprikum, the designer – Peter Toronyi was inspired by the gastronomic revolution, the awareness and care with which we relate to our food, as well as the kitchen becoming an increasingly valued part of our homes. His creation evoking the form and color of the world-famous Hungarian spice: paprika, also symbolizes Hungarian gastronomy.

It doesn’t matter if you can cook, but you don’t use the right tools. Paprikum is a life long high-end kitchen accessory, which is especially efficient and capable of robostful grinding with its steel ball mechanism, crushing all dried and fresh spices. Delicate shaking – surprisingly tasteful experience.

Feminine curves, masculine material picks, sculptural from every angle defines the pretty and useful handcrafted spice mill. Thanks to the food graded; anodized aluminum used in aircraft industry and its forceful steel ball mechanism, the product represents a very high quality – such a perfect solution to acquire the best aromatic result of spices and herbs.

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