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Szeretlek Magyarország reports that a new penthouse is being built in Budapest, that will cost 9.5 thousand euros (HUF 3 mill) per square metre, more than the average prices in Vienna. The record price for the most expensive flat in Budapest has been broken by a new penthouse, that is 140 square meters large. The flat will cost 1.5 million euros (half a billion HUF), as it costs 9.5 thousand euros per square metre.

This means that its price is higher than that of the average in Vienna, although one will still find more expensive flats than this, where the price is higher than 9.5 thousand euros per square metre. Most of these flats are the penthouses equipped with a terrace found atop of luxury buildings. Check out the other big projects that are going to be realised in Budapest The most expensive flat in Vienna costs 34 667 EUR per square metre and is of 248 square metres in size. It’s on sale for 8.6 million euros, and there is a swimming pool built in the terrace.

The Hungarian luxury flats are usually rented for 19-22 EUR/square metre (HUF 6-7 thousand), although a penthouse at Vörösmarty square is being rented for 7000 thousand euros per month (EUR 25/sq m). Hungary’s priciest luxury flat is at the Szervita square, belonging to Emerald Residence. The mansard flat offered for 1.5 million euros is advertised in the following manner:

‘The biggest advantage of the building is that is not just a residential building, but a grouping, that will also include a hotel. This way, the comfort of the residents will be assured by a wide range of services. Aside from the flats, shop areas will be built on the ground and first floors. A 24-hour reception service, hotel services (such as breakfast, laundry, cleaning services, valet parking), shops, bicycle rack, passage will be all at the guests’ and residents’ service. At floors 2-5 flats will be simple, while at the top 3 floors, the flats will be equipped with terraces.’

Photo: emeraldresidence.hu

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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