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GYŐR – the most beautiful baroque city of Hungary

Győr boasts with the most beautiful Baroque city centre in Hungary awarded with the Europa Nostra prize. Very typical of Baroque architecture in Győr are the unique beautiful square and polygonal bay windows and bow windows on corner houses. Visit the Baroque city centre, Győr Chatedral, which boast the herm of King Saint Ladislaus, the Museum Pharmacy, the Danube shore and Napoleon House in Győr, and admire the most beautiful Hungarian baroque statue, the Ark of Covenant Statue Győr! The Saint Jacob Roman Catholic Church of Lébeny near Győr was lucky to survive the Mongol and Turkish invasions, and today stands much like it did in the 13th century. The church is a rare an outstanding example of Roman style in Hungary, and part of Hungarian Camino.

Fruhmannn Tile Stove Exhibition

Located in the so-called Fruhmann House, this collection is unique within Hungary but likely also in other countries. The house the museum is located in belonged to a family that was making tile stoves over at least three generations. The last surviving member of the family, Antal Fruhmann (1908-1987) donated his house and workshop to the municipality of Győr in order to establish a museum for tile stove making that was a common business in the city.

The museum is located in two buildings. In the first building you can learn about the Fruhmann family as well as the tile stove making families that used to live in Győr. In the mansard there’s a workshop where school classes can try out making tiles from the original specimen that Mr. Fruhmann donated to the city.

Craftsmanship fire iron. 

Address: Győr, Kiss János utca 9

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